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The Hive

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Mbizane, surrounded by magnificent cliffs and pristine forests. Come join the buzz at The Hive for a cappuccino and a chat, or lounge on the deck by the pool whilst we prepare you a meal. There will always be a friendly face and some new friends to welcome you to The Hive.

We offer a variety of delicious and locally sourced meals, all prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. We are committed to using sustainable and ethical practices in our kitchen, and we source our ingredients from local farmers and suppliers wherever possible. We also compost all our food waste and cook with fire where we can, instead of using electricity. We believe food is a way to connect with people and with the land, and we are passionate about providing our guests with a dining experience that is both delicious and sustainable. 


Join us for breakfast on the restaurant deck or order lunch and dinner a la carte. Book your spot at The Hive in advance as we only carry the necessary stock to minimise food waste. We also do Picnic Baskets, and set up, as well as Breakfast Baskets to be delivered to your tent. Booking in advance for these items is essential. 

Kindly note that we are not licensed and do not sell alcohol on our premises. You are, however, welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages to the restaurant deck. No corkage fee will be charged. 

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