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Birding List

Mbizane is a birder’s dream. You will be birding - whether you are walking, driving on the scarp face, looking out from the two lookout towers or just relaxing on your deck. Expect sightings of narina trogon, Knysna loerie, purple-crested loerie, Verreaux’s eagle, crowned eagle, tambourine doves and other bird species specific to Mbizane’s afromontane forest escarpment habitat.

Hiking Trails

There are a myriad of walks and trails through afromontane forest on the Mbizane escarpment. The routes range from leisurely strolls along the mountain stream between vertical cliffs to walking up a ravine under a forest canopy along a clear stream up to a waterfall, to hiking the road up to Mbizane’s high ground above the escarpment, to following paths at the foot of the cliffs and on the scarp face above.  There are also several trails and paths leading up, along and around the cliffs, both at their base and atop. The trails offer amazing views of the different cliffs and the escarpment from different levels and at different angles. If you would like guide to accompany you you are welcome to book a guided hike at reception for R250 per hike.


The variety of walks and hikes in the Afromontane forest, Mbizane’s two lookout towers and the cliffs’ remarkable acoustics create the perfect setting for birding and for nature photography. Birding is always an all-day experience at Mbizane – you will see and hear birds even when just relaxing in your tent.


One of the highlights at Mbizane is that you can swim in the river right in front of your tent, as long as you can brave the cold. The Nest also has two private pools and there is a communal pool at the restaurant area open to everyone.

Scarp Face Drives

Join us daily for a nature drive in a specialised Polaris vehicle up a ravine to the plateau on the escarpment above. We follow the scarp face in different directions and along various routes to the next plateau, offering spectacular views of the opposite cliffs, a waterfall and the densely forested valley below.

In addition to showing you Mbizane’s exquisite, pristine nature, we pass by an old Anglo-Boer War fort, a Boer house being reclaimed by nature, a British lookout outpost and a small dam where kudu and bushbuck usually converge for a drink - where we do likewise! R350 per person, max 4 people per trip. 

Horse Riding

By prior arrangement an outride can be facilitated off-site. From novices to experienced riders, anyone is welcome. The trek is through lush vegetation with wildlife sightings along the way.

A memorable experience indeed!

Cost: From R550 per person for an hour outride. Please note that this is a half day excursion off-site and the horse riding is done through a third party and we can only assist you in making the booking. There is a weight limitation of 100kg pp.

Mountain Biking

Mbizane offers various routes and paths for MTB through the forest, along streams, up ravines, along the scarp face and on the plateaus.  Be sure to bring your bike along!


Book a relaxing picnic under the surrounding river Bushwillow and White-Stinkwood trees along with great eats and treats. We will set up the picnic area and put together a delicious picnic basket for you and your partner. To see what's in the basket, look at the bottom of our menu located on the restaurant tab or download the menu here THE HIVE MENU. Read that book you have been dying to finish or just soak up all of the pristine sounds that nature has to offer. Be sure to book your luxury picnic basket well in advance through our website. R500 per couple.


Mbizane offers excellent climbing up its numerous vertical scarp faces.  The rock is of top quality, and “clean” for climbing.  There are several caves and crevices in the cliffs waiting to be explored by climbers – including a natural tunnel high up in one cliff that leads right through the cliff!

Scarp face.jpg

Fantastic climbing on the scarp faces


Water tower, ideal for bird watching


Regular Narina Trogon sightings

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