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Directions to camp

Directions from Gauteng to Mbizane:


Take the N4 highway to Nelspruit (Mbombela). A few kilometres after Milly's you will pass through the Machado Toll Plaza, and 2.5km further the N4 forks into alternative routes. Take the N4 to Mbombela, Mashishing turnoff to the left, and follow the road for 41.5 km.  

Turn off left from the N4 (just before the Viva one-stop garage) on the gravel Welteveden Road, and follow that road for 1.6km, across the low water bridge over the Crocodile river until you reach the Sterkspruit Road turnoff. Turn left on the Sterkspruit road and follow the Mbizane signs next to the road for 12 km to arrive at Mbizane’s entrance gate.  Continue on the road until you reach the Lounge deck, where reception will welcome you and show you to your tent. 

Directions from Nelspruit to Mbizane:

Start from Nelspruit Central, head towards the R40: From the city center, navigate towards the R40 highway, which is a main road leading out of Nelspruit.

Follow the R40 North: Merge onto the R40 heading north. This road will take you through a scenic route with various landscapes.

Continue on the R40: Stay on the R40 for an extended period. You will pass through or near several small towns and natural reserves. Keep an eye out for any road signs indicating directions towards your destination.

Turn onto the Road Leading to Mbizane Escarpment Retreat: Look for the specific turn-off from the R40 that leads to Mbizane Escarpment Retreat. This turn could be marked with a signpost for the retreat or a notable landmark.

Final Stretch: After turning off from the R40, follow the local road as per the signs or as advised in your reservation details. This road might traverse through a more natural landscape or rural areas. Arrive at Mbizane, the retreat is clearly marked.

Welcome to your destination!

Road and Vehicles:

The 12 km long gravel Sterkspruit Road leading up the Schoemanskloof is the only road leading to and from Mbizane.  The road offers spectacular views of the cliffs on both sides of the Schoemanskloof valley and the Crocodile river in the middle (on your left as you drive in). There is no cellphone coverage for the last half of the road.

The road includes a short, narrow pass that has to be carefully navigated and slowly approached and a few areas which can get muddy after rains.  While the Sterkspruit road is ordinarily used by normal (sedan) vehicles, a vehicle with a high road clearance is preferred. 


Sometimes after major rains the road may be so slippery that a 4x4 or diff-lock function may be needed to get to Mbizane.  We do suggest that you do not attempt the Sterkspruit road in a sports car or other low road clearance vehicle. 

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